Asset Management

We believe that seamless mobilisation with minimal disruption to our client’s organisation & environments is a key to the success of any service we deliver.

  • Australian organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver cost savings as well as improvements in productivity and reliability. Best Practice organizations are those that partner with specialist organisations to maintain and manage their assets and mechanical services requirements so that they can focus on their core business.


    The objective of APMS Fixed Plant & Equipment Maintenance management capabilities and solutions is to ensure that clients’ investment in facilities, plant and equipment is fully realised, maintenance is performed to the highest standards and technical support is always on hand.

  • APMS Asset Maintenance and Management Focus provides companies with comprehensive maintenance management capabilities. We achieve this through our unique combination of expertise and resources, helping to reduce downtime, cost and risk, at every level.

    Our services are provided through a network of accredited Maintenance Contractors - highly qualified technical staff that are professionally managed across commercial, retail and industrial buildings including oil & gas, mining, utilities and heavy industrial environments. This ensures that critical issues such as essential services maintenance, system faults, and safety issues are dealt with, in a timely and professional manner, by senior experienced personnel.

    Or core focus is on reducing plant & equipment downtime; prolonging asset life; reducing spare parts and MRO inventory levels; improving control over preventative, planned and unplanned maintenance and improving access to critical service information. The result is lowered operating costs with higher levels of service, productivity and reliability.

    APMS provides a flexible range of services based on client considerations. This includes transparent maintenance management programs with verification of works carried out; highly experienced service technicians with performance and safety track record in the building services field; periodic testing of all equipment in addition to cleaning, repairs and replacement works and periodic performance audits.

    We believe that seamless mobilisation with minimal disruption to our client’s organisation and environments is a key to the success of any service we deliver. Our Asset maintenance and management solutions are provided in accordance with regulated maintenance plans, which result in fewer breakdowns and increased productivity.

    Whether it is a single site, a large property portfolio, a one-off project, or a comprehensive long-term provision, we recognize that each customer has specific needs and we take the time to understand them.

    Our team is experienced with:

    • Advanced Maintenance Strategies (RCM, CBM, RBI)
    • Condition monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics
    • Decision support & optimization methods and tools
    • Education and training in asset and maintenance management
    • E-Maintenance
    • Emerging technologies & embedded sensors and devices for EAM
    • Human dimensions in integrated asset management
    • Intelligent maintenance systems
    • Lifecycle & sustainability considerations of physical assets
    • Mechanisms of fracture, fatigue and strength of solids
    • Performance Monitoring and Management
    • Planning and scheduling in asset and maintenance management
    • Policy, Regulations, Practices and Standards for asset management
    • Procurement and Contracting
    • Quality of information and knowledge management for EAM
    • Risk management in EAM
    • Reliability modelling and prediction
    • Safety, Health and Risk Management in EAM
    • Self-maintenance and self-recovery engineering
    • Strategic asset management for sustainable business
    • Structural integrity and health management
    • Technologies for asset data management, warehousing and mining
  • Australian Property Management Solutions is resourced with over 300 specialist consultants. Each of our consultants have a minimum of 10 years' experience with specific competencies related to Facilities Management, Assets Management, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Engineering Services.

    Through this team of senior operations managers, industry specialists, and advisors, we have a proven track record for exceeding our client's expectations.

    Establishing partnering relationships with our clients and suppliers contributes significantly to the management of efficient operations and paves the way for improved performance, cost reduction and sustainable innovative service delivery.

    Our goal is to achieve world class performance in optimising service delivery and increasing client satisfaction. Our experience gives us unmatched insight into effective service and contract management.

    Members of our team are highly sought after, highly experienced and well credentialed. Australian Property Management Solutions is committed to working in the best interest of our clients. This matched with our extensive industry knowledge, experience and ingenuity allows our clients to feel confident that Australian Property Management Solutions provides innovative solutions that address their property maintenance and management requirements across their organisations property and site portfolios.

    We focus on achieving quality and sustainable outcomes with a commitment to OH&S and environmental management.

  • Our aim is to guide and support our network of licensed & accredited suppliers, service providers & vendors through the many complex choices, help them increase efficiency, and ensure the best return on investment. We are committed to seeing great ideas translated into real business outcomes. This is backed by our commitment and commercial investment models.

    Australian Property Management Solutions Market Access Assessment, Accreditation & Licensing Program, takes on a leadership position:

    • Led by enterprise architecture, that achieves long term sustainable transformational results
    • As a trusted partner, advisor and authority in business transformation we work with our network of suppliers, service providers & vendors to become more effective and efficient, aligned with exceeding client expectations.
    • Working with organisations to better understand who they are, who they are serving, what they are delivering, how they are delivering it, and how to become more efficient and effective at delivering it harnessing world's best practices, processes, methodologies and approaches
    • Setting objectives with the achievement of organisational goals, via a methodology and approach that engenders a culture and capability of producing sustainable and repeatable results reflective of a shared vision.
    • Helps to define the blueprint and roadmap to transform businesses by leveraging sound and logical principals that bring about competitive advantage and business value.

    For more information please refer to the APMS Market Access Brochure