Quality Management

ISO Standards

Good governance stems from awareness of compliance, ethics and policy issues with a commitment to training and improvement solutions to help individuals and organizations succeed. We are committed to embracing and maximising our effectiveness through being ISO certified. This has impacted our Quality Policy and Quality Goals and Objectives to ensure our Quality Goals are met, new Goals are set, and continual improvement is achieved. This reinforces our commitment to provide ongoing improvement to our business, employees, partners, clients and stake holders.


APMS is committed to ensure our business, employees, partners, contractors, clients and stake holders are impacted positively by our commitment to developing people and delivering training programs that impact the way in which we deliver our services that clearly align with our strategic business goals through embracing innovative learning cultures.


APMS credit our strength and endurance to a consistent approach to managing our business, and to the character of our people. APMS success depends on anticipating customers’ needs and delivering meaningful, high-quality solutions. While our people operate in a small company setting, they also have access to the know-how and resources of a Fortune 500 company. It’s like having dozens of strategic partners at their fingertips. We are focused on sustainability, and constantly review key economic, environmental, and employee health and safety indicators to ensure we are on the right path.

Resource utilisation

APMS recognise resource utilisation is key to delivering efficient and cost effective services. APMS is committed to providing services and solutions you need and only charging for them. Unlike our competitors we don’t have areas of our business that we only utilise 20 percent of the time inflating our costing having to charge them back to you the client impacting on unnecessary cost burdens.

Client satisfaction

APMS clients benefit from increased asset performance in terms of productivity and service delivery. Asset performance will be aligned with users’ expectations, ensures compliance with statutory requirements and ongoing and predictable financial performance.

Consistent with our approach to ensuring quality service to our clients we will be seeking to achieve the rigorous requirements of domestic and international quality and safety standards in the areas of facilities, asset and environmental services. APMS will aim to achieve the “Five Ticks” StandardsMark™ which is recognised for “reliability, quality assurance, and safety”. APMS takes quality and customer satisfaction seriously and seek to impart this corporate approach onto our clients and ensure our suppliers and personnel embrace these standards as well.


APMS maintain a robust OHS policy and training programs that impacts on the conduct of all our personnel. APMS programs operate both at a company level and personnel level to reduce the risk of accidental injury. We are committed to providing and promoting safe workplace practices that ensure your workplace is safe for all employees, reducing the likelihood of government fines, penalties and lawsuits for negligence. Our OHS systems also ensure your business is fully compliant with state Government OHS legislation.

Knowledge base

APMS is committed to maintaining our knowledge base through self-learning and keeping abreast of new innovations, technologies, ways of doing things positively. Impacting the way we do business and improving our services to our clients.