HVAC Services

APMS maintenance and management focus provides companies with comprehensive maintenance management capabilities. We achieve this through our unique combination of expertise and resources, helping to reduce downtime, cost and risk, at every level.

We provide a flexible range of services based on client considerations. This includes transparent maintenance management programs with verification of works carried out; highly experienced service technicians with performance and safety track record in the building services field; periodic testing of all equipment in addition to cleaning, repairs and replacement works and periodic performance audits.

We achieve this through our unique combination of expertise and resources, resulting in reduced costs, maximised staff engagement and value resulting in:

  • Reduced plant downtime and unexpected equipment breakdowns.
  • Prolonged asset life through preventative maintenance.
  • Lowered operating costs and capital expenditures.
  • Reduced spare parts and MRO inventory levels.
  • Improved control over preventative, planned and unplanned maintenance.
  • Improved access to critical service information.
  • Important bottom line benefits, including: savings on total maintenance costs.

Our Maintenance Programs include:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance: Is an all-inclusive maintenance program which guarantees all regular inspections and all operations, including labour and material costs required for repairs or replacement of equipment. A sure way to guarantee our clients minimise down-time and, work place disruptions etc.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Similar to our comprehensive program, the exception being that the building or facility owner is responsible for all major repairs, whilst minor repairs and maintenance is managed by our accredited team. A safe bet against identifying minor problems early, preventing them from becoming major issues.
  • Breakdown Maintenance: On call 24/7 APMS service technicians are available to respond to all breakdown calls restoring the unit once it has completely failed. This service also includes on the spot maintenance and system checks to ensure the system is functioning and operating to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Performance-based Maintenance: APMS Performance-based Maintenance program minimises system downtime and guarantees system performance and cost of maintenance. A fully detailed maintenance schedule is agreed with the building or facility owner and negotiated to minimise risk to both parties.