Letter from the Founder

Functioning, well-managed buildings are vital to the fabric of our society. Millions of people interact with these structures daily in every aspect of their lives. We continually interact without giving them a second thought though they frame our lives as a constant. The reality is that these buildings require 24 hour maintenance with attention to every aspect of their function and environment.

In Australia alone, the Facilities Management Industry is a $20bn per annum industry growing year-on-year. As market spend increases, building owners receive inconsistent results at best from their investment. There is large key person risk with results weighing heavily on the quality of the Property manager to deliver. This is compounded by the co-ordination of different services providers, a high churn rate and no universal quality control or standards. Business inefficiencies, cost blow-outs and wasted resources result. This does not have to be the case.

Australian Property Management Solutions Pty Ltd (APMS) is positioned to capitalise on the large gap in the market by being a first mover in combining the supply of onsite consulting and advisory services, managed services, service delivery and supplier accreditation. With a national resource of 300 Subject Matter Experts focused on Facilities, Asset, Waste, Environmental Management & Engineering Services, these subject matter experts are focused on providing optimised solutions to organisation which have multi-site property portfolios.

In addition to this APMS will be resourced with over 1000 of the best suppliers, service providers and vendors to support its position in the market as one of the most prominent providers in the Managed Services Space competing with some of the world's best national and international organisations. APMS will provide the gateway to this network of Suppliers, Service Providers & Vendors to a $2 Billion services spend within 5 years. APMS will be primed to capture large market share for each of its chosen markets, with a key focus on becoming the compelling choice of total end-to-end property maintenance and management services across Facilities, Asset, Waste, and Environmental Management & Engineering Services.

Each APMS business unit is a multi-million dollar revenue generator to the company. As each unit complements each other, synergies arise to accelerate revenue further and increase the company's earnings potential. In completing our business, operational, resourcing and financial over the coming 4 to 6 months including our plan for the future, Blueprint 2013, we have created a pathway that sees us as an industry leader in 5 years leveraging our valuable IP (investment in process, methodology and people), business model and market positioning. This is a billion dollar opportunity in a growing multi-billion dollar industry.

APMS is committed to transform the industry by helping to transform over 1,000 suppliers, service providers & vendors via its industry driven accreditation program that will see its network of suppliers and service provider become industry favourites driven by a commitment to be industry best.

The APMS Accreditation Program will be approximately a $400 million dollar business over the next 3 years providing a surplus in access of $100 million dollars providing development, working and growth capital toward the larger APMS Managed Services Business; it is a program like no other in Australia or the World. This is the first program of its type that accredits service companies and its people towards being recognise as industry best. The APMS Accreditation Program provides AMPS with a compelling value proposition that will place it ahead of its industry peers and will ensure effective and efficient maintenance & management capabilities. APMS will fundamentally change the way services are being delivered to support is prominent position in the market.

The APMS vision is taking shape but to reach our full potential we need to accelerate the growth of the company. On behalf of APMS, I invite you with the opportunity to participate in this exciting Pre-IPO Offer. APMS requires the contribution of $20m to rollout the first phases of its operations, finalise development of its IP and take its robust, bankable offering successfully to market. APMS are seeking passionate and strategic investors in order to finalise development, resourcing to ensure that APMS is supported with the right resources and capabilities to ensure that it will not be compromised and can successfully and commercially mange its aggressive growth expectations into the future.

Since the APMS journey started over 18 months ago the feedback we have received has been overwhelming. APMS is ready to go to the next level. I welcome your support to become involved with in one of the most exciting investment, growth companies in our current time.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Michael, Founder
Australian Property Management Solutions Pty Ltd