Investor Relations

The Industry

The Facilities Management market is currently $20bn per annum. The property and business services market is $195bn per annum. Neither statistics incorporates government spend on building and facilities management totalling $4bn across Australia. Each market sector has grown year on year as compliance needs increase and the number of viable facilities that enter the market increases.

The market is unlikely to shrink greatly. Over time it will grow by the number of new buildings and facilities being erected. This is especially true as there is a trend towards high density and high rise living in Australian cities. There are also a large percentage of non-compliant buildings, which are not reflected in the industry figures as some managers and owners do not adequately maintain their buildings.

Property management is often handled in-house by facility managers. This places buildings in a key person risk situation. Often, services are outsourced to commercial real estate agents, who charge high fees to manage the model with no checks and systems in place. In addition, real-estate agents use their own service providers that may not be suitable for the property or be incentivised to be the most efficient.

APMS Business & Resource Model & Target Market

Australian Property Management Solutions (APMS) is a new property services company that is resourced with offices nationally. APMS provides a wide spectrum of building repairs and maintenance services and service management capabilities throughout Australia.

Targeting organisations with significant retail, industrial, residential and commercial property interests, APMS will be positioned to provide competitive value. Ensuring its clients are serviced with a capability and service offering that is reliable, responsive, efficient and scalable. Whether the client operates a single site or several hundred across the country.

APMS will be resourced with 10,000 trade contractors over the next 3 to 5 years. Contractors will cover a diverse service spectrum including, Plumbing, Electrical, Essential, HVAC and General Property Repairs & Maintenances Services, in addition to APMS core Consulting Advisory Capabilities across Facilities, Asset, Waste, Environmental and Engineering areas.

APMS resource model is scalable minimising fixed overheads in turn providing a strategic advantage to mobilise and provision client contracts with approved subcontractors and personnel within the shortest lead time possible.

Competitive Advantage

APMS competitive advantage stems from the strength and expertise of its people, trusted relationships with clients, depth and breadth of services and capabilities including APMS service delivery models and technology solutions. This all adds up to the APMS Competitive Advantage.

Revenue and Profitability Projections

APMS revenue model is designed to maximise profitability – through, consulting, management and service fees. Each revenue line will yield a minimum 30 percent gross profit. Revenues in the first 18 months of operations is expected to exceed $50 Million.

Expressions of interest, Investment opportunity

APMS has developed a pathway that sees APMS as an industry leader within 5 years leveraging valuable IP (investment in process, technology, methodology and people), contributing to the maturity of a well-defined robust business model and market position.

The APMS vision has taken shape. To maximise the APMS success the company is seeking the financial support from private investors to make this happen. This investment will be conservatively utilised for investment in infrastructure, technology, working capital, operations and resourcing requirements. Further details can be provided on request.

The capital raising will take place in two rounds. APMS invites investors to participate with an initial offer of 5,000,000 shares at $0.60 per share to raise $3,000,000. The equity sold will represent 6.0% of the company (at the end of this offer) if fully subscribed. This offer is at a substantial discount to the second offer which will be at $1.00 per share.

Once the initial offer has been fully subscribed a second offer of 17,000,000 shares at $1.00 per share to raise $17,000,000 will open. The second round equity sold will represent 17.0% of the company if fully subscribed. Both offers will run consecutively.

The second offer will open once the initial offer has been fully subscribed. The total offer (initial + secondary round) will represent approximately 22% of the total company. APMS intends an IPO on the ASX in 2-3 years at a significant premium to the Pre-IPO share price in order to offer early stage investors the opportunity to exit if desired.

Please note minimum parcels will be set at $50,000.00.

To express your interest send an email to Chris Michael with your contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A copy of APMS information memorandum can be viewed or downloaded from APMS publications section along with our other service and capability brochures.