About Australian Property Management Solutions

The Australian Property Management Industry has undertaken considerable change in the last few decades followed by major national and international organizations providing competitive services and solutions.

The Facilities Management industry is an industry of significance for Australia in terms of its contribution to the economy. The industry employs approximately 250,000 people on a combined direct and indirect basis, from traditional building services, security and cleaning, as well as technical services provided by skilled personnel.

Australian Property Management Solutions Pty Ltd (APMS) competes in the $20 Billion per annum Facilities Management market in addition to the $195 Billion Business and Property Services Market.

With specialist services and capabilities spanning both hard and soft services Australian Property Management Solutions (APMS) cover everything from plumbing, electrical, essential services, HVAC, cleaning, building refurbishments and fire services etc. We also provide a full suite of repairs and maintenance services which is all controlled and managed through our sophisticated management environment. In addition to this, APMS provides total project management, consulting, advisory and service delivery solutions services and capabilities, supported with a national office network with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane & Canberra.

Our mantra stems from our ability to create real and sustainable competitive advantages for our clients. In today's competitive environment, organisations require supply partners that will help define and support their competitive advantage. The ability to meet service commitments, competitive pricing and financial stability are critical considerations for companies entering into supply and service relationships.

With specialised industry knowledge and tested methodologies, APMS provides a collaborative approach to understanding the opportunities within an organisation for long term sustainable outcomes resulting in greater performance and lowered risk. We combine our resource and capabilities to deliver our clients robust end to end property maintenance and management capabilities.

APMS is committed to providing you our valued client with efficient, effective and responsive services. We recognise managing an organisation's properties and facilities creates incredible complexities for organisations seeking to reduce their environmental footprint and gain cost, service, performance, risk and compliance improvements. APMS tailor its extensive list of services to cater for clients with large commercial, industrial, retail property portfolios to clients that include real-estate agents, landlords, and tenants through to the individual property owner.

Whether it is a single site, a large property portfolio, a one off project, or a comprehensive long-term management contract, we recognise that each client has specific needs and we take the time to understand them. We aim to provide seamless mobilisation with minimal disruption to our client's organisation. This uniquely positions APMS to provide extensive support and advisory services capabilities, expertise and solutions.

In 2015/16 APMS will embark on an aggressive growth and development programs that will ensure our objectives are met, this includes introducing new services and capabilities, acquiring clients through aggressive service and pricing programs, managing our service delivery capability and maximising on client expectations.

As an organisation APMS is committed to Applying THE 6 Cc's: Consistency, Clarity, Certainty, Continuity, Communication & Commitment above all.

Our point of difference:

  • We specify, procure & negotiate to effectively manage all property maintenance and management requirements
  • We conduct site, service and performance audits to achieve both sustainability and ongoing improvement including service and cost improvements
  • Our extensive experience in Facilities Management, Assets Management, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Engineering Services
  • We manage client's service requirements and environments through our Integrated Managed Services or our Service Delivery Solutions and capabilities, allowing clients to concentrate on their core business.


A strategic approach to consolidating and managing an organisations property and site portfolio not only supports the organisation with improved management capability, but also creates immediate bottom line impact and ongoing benefits that deliver ongoing value derived year on year.